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    Tocumen Airport expansion plans


    Tocumen Airport announced that it will expand considerably in the coming years. Next to the current creation of Terminal 2, a third landing strip will be constructed within five years. On top of the US$800 million that is invested in Terminal 2, Tocumen is planning to invest in a new fuel storage system, an electrical substation worth US$ 26 million and a water treatment plant system worth US$ 20 million.

    Capital Financiero 03-05-2016

    Panama adopts customs rules to facilitate trade


    The Panamanian government approved new customs rules in the framework of the subsystem of Central American Uniform Customs Code, which applies to trade between Central American nations and third countries. The rules include new schemes for transporting goods under high standards of security and traceability. This simplifies the process of receiving and clearing goods in order to facilitate regional trade.

    Panama Ministry of Economics and Finance  04-05-2016

    Business events in Panama


    Many interesting business events will take place in Panama in the coming months. These events provide ample opportunities for developing contacts, business and investment in Panama. Next events will be, among others, the Expo Invest from June 9-11: about investment opportunities in Panama, and the Latin American Ports Forum on September 7 and 8: the international forum about port development in Panama and Latin America.

    Please view the complete calendar on the website of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Panama.


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